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When something isn’t quite right with the furry family member, something isn’t quite right with the family. When your dog or cat is acting out of the ordinary for an afternoon, we usually take a “wait-and-see” approach. But if they’re still in a funk after a few days, it can be cause for worry.

Let the Lone Tree WellHaven relieve some of that stress. As a full-service veterinary hospital, we have the resources to fully examine your pet and plot a course of action. From “nose to tail” inspections to internal medicine, we have an experienced staff and the most up-to-date equipment.

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Compassionate Lone Tree Vet Services

But there doesn’t always have to be a problem, right? We offer plenty of preventative care to keep your canine and feline friend feeling happy, healthy, and full of life. From regular scheduled veterinary care like vaccines and checkups, we also offer nutritional counseling and even a Pet Camp so your pet can see all their pals.

Take a look at all of our services below. We have programs for puppies and kitties as well as plans designed for older pets, too. Have a new pet? Request an appointment with the Lone Tree WellHaven and we can make sure they have a clean bill of health. Please note: We only see dogs and cats at this point.

Annual Exams

When you first welcome a new pet into the family, it’s a good idea to get a baseline of their overall health. We’ll set up a schedule of necessary shots, recommend a healthy diet, and provide other patient care. Although annual exams are a good idea for pets of any age, if you have a young pet, annual checkups are a great way to track their health through the first few years.

Care Companion Plan

WellHaven Wellness plans are designed to make it easier for you to keep track of the veterinary medical needs of your cat or dog. A monthly fee takes care of all examinations, dental appointments, annual checkups, and more. With programs designed specifically for the age of your pet, your plan will grow with your furbaby. 

Nutritional Counseling

Is your puppers getting a little plump? Talk to one of our nutrition counselors to find a better way to feed your pet. A well-nourished pet is a happy pet and diets need to change as your pet ages. In some breeds, special diets are required for a long and healthy life. We’ll design the perfect diet plan for your pet.

Emergency Care

Unfortunately, not all accidents or illnesses are scheduled for. If Fido or Fluffy needs immediate attention, give the Lone Tree WellHaven call immediately. By giving us as much information as you can over the phone, we’ll be better prepared to address the issue when you arrive.

Internal Medicine

If your pet hasn’t been themselves for a few days, but there are no visible problems or injuries, they could be struggling with an internal issue. Our clinic is outfitted with the newest radiology equipment, allowing us to take a deeper look. Along with an on-site lab for bloodwork and other analysis, we can diagnose the problem and get your pet back on its happy-go-lucky feet.

Pet Dentistry

Your pet’s oral care is more important than you think! Just like with humans, problems with dental health can lead to issues throughout the body. Poor teeth can affect major issues with major organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver. If your pet isn’t eating, has bleeding gums, or seems otherwise bothered by their teeth, set up a time to see us.

Preventive Care

Protect your pet from illness and disease by scheduling regular checkups and vaccinations. Along with monthly veterinary medicine to keep parasites at bay and annual testing, you’ll be able to head off any serious problems before they happen. 

Pet Camp

Everybody needs the occasional vacation, even your pet! We have a climate-controlled, indoor group play for your pet, divided into three rooms by size and activity level. If you need to leave your pet with us for the day, we’ll send photo updates throughout the day so you can still get your pet fix.

Who we are:

WellHaven was born of the conviction that each veterinarian and pet parent makes a difference when it comes to the profession as a whole. We’re here to make them feel supported.

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